Our Developments

Having undertaken a series of pilot initiatives during the 2018/19 academic year the University launched Durham an Inspired Award in October 2019. The Award scheme was designed to help students plan, develop, articulate, and evidence the skills, attributes and qualities they develop across their time at University, supporting them to transition onto the next phase of their lives, whilst also enabling them to make the most of their time at Durham. A key focus was on core academic skills, including a module on (in effect) ‘how not to argue badly’. Alongside this, the University is committed to building a Student Leadership Network specifically designed to support and engage students with an interest in the principles of leadership.

Investing in Facilities

The University is investing heavily in facilities for the Wider Student Experience. In November 2019, a new £32m Sports & Wellbeing Park was completed on the University’s Maiden Castle site. This facility is designed to underpin both the University’s participation and performance programmes but will also significantly further enhance sport and physical activity for the local and regional community. The Assembly Rooms Theatre has also underdone a £2.4m refurbishment, completed in summer 2019 whilst the development of a University Concert Hall is an integral component of the University’s Fundraising Campaign.