Durham Cathedral

About the Area

North East England’s landmarks span millennia, from historical Roman and Norman World Heritage Sites to award-winning contemporary icons.

To the north of the region is Hadrian’s Wall, built in AD122 to mark the Roman Empire’s northern frontier. Its fellow World Heritage Site, Durham Cathedral and Castle, is one of the finest examples of Norman architecture in the world.

There are 15 National Nature Reserves in the region and over 250 Sites of Special Scientific Interest. There are more castles of distinction open to the public than in any other English region and numerous splendid country houses and gardens.

The market towns, villages and seaside resorts, with their distinctive character, historic buildings and friendly welcome are significant attractions in their own right. Long-established markets and shops selling local produce, arts and crafts are a shoppers’ delight, with regional food specialities ranging from Craster’s famous smoked kippers to traditional Lindisfarne Mead, stottie bread, cheese and handmade ice cream.

Just 15 minutes' train journey from Durham is the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne, with its iconic bridges, stunning waterfront, museums, theatres and shopping centres. Neighbouring Gateshead offers the Sage music venue, Baltic art gallery and Antony Gormely's famous Angel of the North.

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